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Tempest (Tempest #1)

Tempest (Tempest #1) - Julie Cross Julie Cross has taken the idea of time travel to another level in fiction. Showing how one minute Jackson Meyer is living everyday life, the next he is thrown back two years into the past like a leaf being lifted on a breeze in fall.

So the story starts out with Jackson doing theories about his abilities with his research side-kick named Adam. They both have so many and Adam is kind of a genius kid in the book, so he is all about the logical mathematics in time-travel. Then again most scientists are logical. Anyway, after the first few chapters you learn Jackson is in college, 19 years old, is a english major doubling in french poetry, all the while living in manhattan and involved with his girlfriend Holly.

Head on over here to my blog for the full review, mostly because I've got minor spoilers and don't want to spoil it on Goodreads!