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Devine Intervention

Devine Intervention - Martha Brockenbrough Devine Intervention is different in that not all that is good can be seen, at first. The two main characters, Heidi and Jerome, are an odd-couple pairing. Jerome breaks the rules, while Heidi obeys them 24/7. There was also something real in the characters portrayal and heartfelt at times, more so from Heidi's end.

From the insane moments of Jerome not thinking before speaking/doing to the scared nonsenses from Heidi, it was a true revelation from the characters as they grew up. They finally understood by the end what life means to them, why humanity is important, and why love can conquer.

I enjoyed the scenes where Jerome took Heidi all over town and explored it from his side of things. She was able to smell delicious treats and people watch like never before. However, I thought it was crazy how Jerome just kept talking in her head for over 15 years of her life!

The novel did some lagging a little bit. But by chapter 21 all the way to the end, it improved volumes. The way it played out was fantastic and had a really great twist at the end.

Overall, this book wasn't one of my favorite books, but it wasn't horrible either. I did enjoy a good ⅓ of it. Some books are not for everyone, but some are worth a read at least once. And this is one of those novels. So if you get the chance, give this one a shot just once. Then make the decision afterwards. And I would recommend this to teens and young adults, more so than adults.