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Sweet Evil

Sweet Evil - Wendy Higgins Sweet Evil is a truly twitter-patted roller coaster of a ride, not just with the way Anna feels, but the emotions she sees in humans around her everyday. The journey alone for her in for the thirst to have questions answered is intoxicating.

The level of disturbing graphic detail is maddening to the scene of the characters at their age was like witnessing those movie moments (i.e. - Saw). All you needed was jigsaw and it would have been a gruesome situation by the end of the story.

I commend Anna with her vibrant integrity to say "no" at certain points. Not many teens can get up that kind of courage, but I found such a reflection of myself at her age, that it made me root for her even more. She is also truly confused at best, but as she grows up, I feel she'll know more in what she needs to keep fighting the insanity of the dark side in her bloodline.

Kaidan at best, is her weakness and ultimately is her strength; a double edge sword. He is a contradiction as well. He plays on Anna's desires, tries to lure her in, yet at the same time tries to push her away. He does however warn her from the start, but that doesn't last long by the time they get towards the end of the novel. I've got high hopes for him the sequel and intrigued by how things will play out between him and the choices he makes in regards to the second to last chapter of the book.

Patti was as typical, if not a little overbearing, of a mother. I do like that they kept a few of the southern hospitality traditions, like offering a beverage/sweet tea to guests. She also was really relaxed about Anna's father coming in and teaching her the ways of his life: drugs, alcohol, and excessive use.

The culture is important to add to the story, it's a character within itself. So major points to Higgins for not missing that part.

I've enjoyed the chaos that comes from Anna meeting her father, Belial, and knowing the other Nep. children, and the training she endures to prove herself. Seeing her with Kopano was thrilling and a good change to the story. Knowing he was different than the other Nep's was nice. Let alone when she meets the others in New York. Now that was quit a scene being played out! The cruel jokes and forcing choices on the Nep's like it was everyday stuff, just seemed inhuman to none other than humans, but to them, was part of their lifestyle. It was most certainly one of those worlds I would never ever want to be apart of for those reasons and more. But it was fun to venture into for reading fun.

I love the scene when they are in New Mexico and exploring the little rest stop area. You got to see another side to Kaidan with Anna.

One fact about the book I loved is that Higgins was found on the site Figment (originally was from Inkpop, but they closed down and moved everything to Figment.) If you wish to see more about her Figment page, head on over here to see it! Anyway, on a side note this should encourage other reader/bloggers out there to maybe start writing and publishing their work over at the website. Maybe someday they can get the chance just like Wendy Higgins and Katie McGarry.

Anyway, back to the book.... I'm also dying to know how the story continues with Anna and Kaidan. It left it with such an interesting, yet simple way, that you can't help but crave more. Overall, I've really enjoyed it! Not many straight up paranormal romance books hook me, but Sweet Evil most certainly was worth every page.