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Catching Fire (The Second Book of The Hunger Games)

Catching Fire  - Suzanne  Collins Catching Fire begins with a soft start. It didn't really give that punch and run with it feeling like the Hunger Games had which is okay because sometimes to get to the interesting part of a story you have first to trek through the mud.

(I would reveal some of the big moments, but for those that haven't read the sequel, I can't say much from here on out. I don't like spoiling good moments from books, especially the important ones.)

It was interesting to see such a new dynamic placed out for Katniss with President Snow. That was the dark horse in the story. You could feel it everywhere, creeping around ever corner. His words had weight and it was keeping Katniss flat on her back in fear.

When Peeta and Katniss reached the capitol, the idea of seeing Mockingjays everywhere being incorporated into the fashion of the citizens really took hold of a bigger message. It was quietly foreshadowing the last few chapters of the book. This is important, so if you aren't read it yet, keep your eyes out for this throughout the novel.

Now for what happens in the 75th Hunger Games, I can say the arena in this book is quite interesting. The complex layout and ingenuity of it was genius on Collins part. I love the science aspect behind the construction the most. Definitely one of the cooler parts of the book and one I'm dying to see constructed for the movie! I can't say what it is and such and hoping they don't reveal anything in teasers or trailers for the movie later this year, but it's one to keep people on the edge of their seat.

It was fun to read more humor being laid out in the book. I actually laughed out loud for some of it, where as with the Hunger Games, not so much. I can tell Collins was trying to balance out and diffuse any tension for the readers. I won't lie, it was dark and grim at certain parts of the book. It made the first book look like a walk in the park. All I have is one word: destruction. It was everywhere and every district was dealing with it

Oh and I love how BOLD Peeta was in this novel. So good and eloquent too. He most certainly was sharp at pulling the rug out from everyone. Laying down some serious ground work for more & weaving a web of Katniss and Peeta's story of "love"… or so as they need to keep doing to prove to every district and the capitol.

I do have to say, the way Katniss keeps describing her kisses with Peeta, it felt like she was falling in love with him or at least falling into lust from her intense physical feeling of burning passion she would get. At one point she didn't want to stop and couldn't get enough, kind of like two teenagers in love with the hand all over themselves groping.

As for Gale and Katniss, it became increasingly clear of how confused Katniss was starting to feel for him and Peeta. She is still confused by the end of the book, so her decision will be finally made in Mockingjay. I'm very curious to see how that plays out.

Overall, I've enjoyed the book. It is something worth reading if 1) you may not have enjoyed the first book or 2) need a new series to pick up and read. I'd highly recommend the first two books to read. And I normally don't endorse such a things!