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Eclipse (The Twilight Saga, Book 3)

Eclipse (The Twilight Saga, Book 3) - Stephenie Meyer This was one of the books I favored more. Mostly because of how the characters conversed with one another. I was disappointed, yet again, with how they sort of missed that depth in the movie. I do remember Robert Pattinson saying how in the first movie they made him wear contacts, so he couldn't really use his eyes to convey the emotions like he does in most of his movies (i.e. - Harry Potter). And that is something I see in every movie. A good actor knows their eyes say a lot too... that's why I was so disappointed with each movie.

Anyway, enough about the movie... let's talk about the book instead. I originally read this book in 2007/2008 time frame. I do remember a friend of mine joking on line saying: "So what would you do if I bought you the 'Edward' poster?" "I'd give it to someone else. He's not a bad looking guy, just not my type", lol I couldn't help it, plus I also visualized when reading the series, just like Meyer's herself, Henry Cavill as Edward. (Side Note: Speaking of which, been watching that man's career since 2003! So glad he is finally moving up in the world of acting! YAY! lol... no back to your regular book blogging program...)

As I mentioned, the dialogue, is one of the big reasons I enjoyed the book so much. This time around Meyer's went deeper into the complexity of the love triangle and made the characters feel what they really truly feel. She made them put it out into the open, especially the conversations that Jacob and Edward have while Bella is asleep in the tent.

Another point of interest was the banter between Bella and her father Charlie. It was quit funny and I felt they got that right in the movie. So I'm pleased with that part beging translated from book to screen.

This book packed a lot of action sequence that I think makes up for all that romance aspect Meyer's crammed into the first two books. I respect her for trying to balance that out, because some authors over time don't try to make a series well rounded; just stick to the same old themes and moods for the story.

Anyway, overall to wrap it up, the book is worth a read at least once. I know so many guys that groan because it's too romantic, but I found the third book to have the element, but also action, blood, and some guts thrown in. It's the one book I believe guys won't roll their eyes at when their girlfriends swoon over the characters lol