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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Book 2)

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - J.K. Rowling, Mary GrandPré The story starts off with Harry stuck at the Dursley's house and for his birthday. They get so mad at the boy they lock him away in this room for the rest of the summer. I know, crazy right? But of course Ron comes to the rescue for Harry and they go back to the Wesley household. From there on out the Harry, Ron, and Hermione start another fabulous adventure, all the while learning about some of the past. The key to want will become information in how "thou shall not be named" makes his return!

I read this book over 10 years ago. I have yet to re-read it but that is one of my goals in the next six months; to re-read the entire first four books of the series and try to finish the 5th one as well. I never read the last two, but I heard they are amazing! One good reason for my to dive right back into the wonderful series.

Anyway, I was just a 'tween' when I started the series back in 1999. I ate up the first one faster than I've ever read anything in my entire life! The 2nd book didn't stand a chance when my mother bought it for me. The way the story makes you feel, as though you are really there, immersed in this magical world. It's a priceless piece of imagination that no other series has done in the last 20+ years for children and everyone else of all ages.

I'd recommend this book, of course, to those that read the first book. But also to those that haven't read the first two. I'd give them both to someone who loves the read and take a truly amazing journey with books.

J.K. Rowling is simply a visionary in story telling. I wish she would maybe write a pre-quel to the books about maybe how things began or how Harry's parents were as teenagers at Hogwarts. I think that other fans of the series would love that too, mostly due to the fact that on 'Pottermore' she explains some backstory information. Some of that included that his Aunt Petunia, she is Harry's mother's Sister, which meant she is a witch herself! She denied her magical side and well ended up marring Veron, a muggle, and had a very boring life. This means his cousin Dudley is half muggle and doesn't know about it. Things like that could make a very lovely story! But alas Rowling doesn't want to write anymore of the 'Harry Potter' world.

So in conclusion, if you haven't read the series, you may want to or wait, because next year for the first time ever, the eBooks will be available. So no matter how you decide to read it, this series isn't one to miss, especially this one from the series!