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How to Survive a Horror Movie

How to Survive a Horror Movie: All the Skills to Dodge the Kills - Seth Grahame-Smith, Wes Craven This is by far one of my most favorite sardonic horror books of all time! I mean who doesn't love a good guide on the horror genre!? I know I do!

This little book also packs a lot of punch with in the first few chapters. The artwork throughout the book is awesome and stands true to what is being described in each section of each chapter. I love chapter #2 the most, because it's called 'Slasher Survival School - Masks, Gloves, and Motels'. I feel that the second section called 'Surviving Summer Vacation', is the most fitting currently because it is summer. But also because who doesn't love those campy horror flicks where people go to cabins or take road trips or even sleep away camp plots and you just know how its going to turn out. But it makes you wanna go "hmm i wonder if I'm in one myself?". The good news is that this book lets you know, the bad news it if you are S.O.L. for you!

Haha, anyway, this book is a MUST OWN for horror fanatics, especially of the slasher genre of the 80's, because it has everything you love and more! Seriously, you won't regret owning this book!