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Twilight - Stephenie Meyer, Stephenie Meyer It took me one month to finish this book, but it was well worth it! I was into this book WAY before all those twilight fans jumped on board in 2008. I even was the type that would bolst to my friends about how great of a book it was. I even had them read the exert to get a feel for it and they both were blown away by what Meyers had written.

This series gets a lot of flack from hundreds of people, but I don't blame them. The series was over promoted once the movie went into production and caused a rift between the readers and the non-readers of the series.

Even though I don't like the movies, the books will always be special to me.

Twilight is a great book. It doesn't compare to Eclipse, but still it's a great book. I felt as though I was in Bella shoes and could relate to her very well, especially with her clumsy issues. I've personally knew what it was like to be there from the way Meyers described the scenes in the woods to the moments at the school to her meeting the Cullen family for the first time. Each moment was priceless.

Would I read this again? heck yes! It's been years but maybe because of that it's a good thing.