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ProtoStar - Braxton A. Cosby The story itself is about a love that knows no boundaries that has time and space creating situations for the characters. Even though the outcome is laid out in the book, the journey itself is interesting to the end.

However, even with such a good concept for a novel, I couldn't feel a connection with the characters. It lacked those elements that makes up great characters, let alone for a young adult book. But in reality I felt it was less young adult actually and more science fiction in general for adults.

I did find some of the dialogue to fall a little flat through out the book. It could be that one or more of the characters were not pulled out into a much richer persona when being described or explaining their thoughts.

I think Cosby hit the nail on the head with the location for a sci-fi genre, that I do love. I can see the passion put into the details of that alone. I think that if there were to be a sequel, there needs to be something laid out about the characters that are magnetic to readers. I do find this sometimes happens in a first novel for writers when entering a young adult world, the character make-up is a hit or miss. Sometimes they come back out on top for the sequel. So maybe before it comes out I'll try to re-read the book and maybe attempt the second to see if I feel more of a relation to the characters, especially Sydney.

And the last thing i do have to point out, it's a pet peeve of books or just writing in general, but the type font is a big deal for myself. My eyes strain too much when the font is hard on my eyes. They literally hurt due to them constantly readjusting and focusing on it too much. I have this problem with reading too long and too much on my computer screen. This one of the reasons I pushed myself to get through this book because I knew if I didn't I would have never finished it and felt bad all because my eyes are "allergic" to type font lol

All in all, this novel wasn't something that I truly enjoyed. Sometimes this happens. Not every single book works for every single person. But I'm glad I've given it a try.